About Speak Out Survivors!

 OVER 18,000 Employees 

 are assaulted 

 and over 20 are Murdered 

 on the job each week 

In May of 1991, Della Bailor was violently raped, beaten, and left for dead in her Indiana office by a prisoner who had been permitted to walk away from a work-release program. In the time since, Della has been in the process of recovery. During her process, she has learned that a key to moving forward is in helping to prevent others from suffering through what she has endured.

Della and her Aunt, Pam Hill, have created a program geared especially to your environment, the workplace. This moving testimonial of a woman who thought "it could NEVER happen to me" will help you and your employees understand that we all are potential targets, but can decrease the chance of injury or even death. This presentation will assist you in: assuring a safer work environment, working with employees toward their own self-protection, and ultimately, in protecting your business' insurance, Worker's Compensation coverage, and lost time due to employee injury.

How we started

Nearly 1 million individuals become victims of violent crime in U.S. workplaces each year.

In 1994, 1,071 people were murdered on the job.

Most murders and assaults occur in the retail and service industries.

We would be pleased to speak with
your organization about Della’s story
and about protecting yourselves,
your families, and one another. *Of the
one million Individuals victimized while
working, 500,000 victims lost an estimated
1.8 million workdays each year and over
$55 million In lost wages, not including
days covered by sick and annual leave.
Our speaking format is non-threatening,
informative, and educational. We will be
happy to come to your facility, or assist
in arranging other accommodations. Please
call, write, fax, or Email us with your
request. Our fee is minimal. The value,
measured in saving lives, is priceless!


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